Astrophysics anyone?
Highly intelligent athlete is looking for a life partner with a lot of time for leisure activities.
Agility basics have been acquired.


Gentle giant is looking for a family to give his ❤️ to. SMALL KIDS are a plus 😊.


I’m super old, super happy and super fit and I’m looking for a quiet (but not too quiet) retirement home in Mallorca.


Named after Brad Pitt but definitely better looking I’m a handsome Alsatian who wants to give his heart to someone who can give me exercise, love and loyalty in return 🥰.


Big, strong, active Leo is looking for a big, strong, active family.


Simon is looking for a home with his mum Xaia. They are quite independent from each other during the day. But at night, they tuck each other into bed 🛌 so we can’t bear to separate them 🥰.


I’m a happy girl who would love to be part of a quiet family. I fancy an occasional fetch but mostly I’m up for cuddles.