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SOS Animal in Calvià


Anke Schürmann
Phone: ‭0034 670 022 963
Email: info@sos-animal-mallorca.org


8 years old


German Shepherd


I’m a tad overweight 😬
in good health
Leishmaniasis negativ

Needs working on

I don’t like many dogs so have to be an only dog at the moment

Good with

young kids

older kids

female dogs

if I like them

male dogs

if I like them


Ideal home

I would like a lot of exercise, activity and occupation. My new family needs dog experience and a nice garden.

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Now I know I’m getting on a bit, but is that any reason for me to be left on the shelf for so long?

Keep reading to find out how awesome I am! 🤩

My last relationship wasn’t a great experience, so I am learning to overcome this and to love again.

I love working out, playing, running, hiking. I just love to keep active.

I can sometimes get a little stressed if I am too bored.

Yes, it’s true I am a little overweight- don’t judge me! 😉.

We can change this together on fun weekend hikes and zoomies in the garden.

I would love to live with peeps who have a garden for me to run and explore and be freeeeee.

I love humans very much.

Not to toot my own horn here (well ok maybe a little), but I’ve been told that I’m open, friendly, very clever and would make a very loyal companion.

As much as I love humans, I’m not so keen on the little ones.

It’s nothing personal, I just prefer adults who are more gentle and quiet.

Let’s talk cats! They’re my nemesis so it’s probably not a good idea for me to live with one – or have them around for that matter.

And while we’re on the subject of other animals, I get on well with dogs who have had a slow introduction.

I don’t like dogs who are too ‘in your face’. I’m sure you’ve met some people like this, so you can relate 😉.

Sometimes I feel a bit stressed in the shelter, so if you feel like you’d like to connect, to take me home and let me show you what a loyal, reliable and faithful friend I can be, then please get in touch.

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