I'm on a mission
to find each and every one of our featured dogs a loving home
- because they are amazing and they deserve to be loved and valued.

Hi there!
I’m Fran.
I’m a lifestyle dog photographer in Mallorca.
I’m a dog mum.
And I’m an animal lover.

Hi there!
I’m Fran.
I’m a lifestyle dog photographer in Mallorca.
I’m a dog mum.
And I’m an animal lover.

how rehomies started

I’m also a vegan.
That’s why on a Saturday in February 2022 I was having lunch with my family at our favourite (vegetarian & vegan) restaurant La Mujer de Verde in Palma.

Paula, the co-owner of the restaurant, came over for a chat and our foster dog Crispy totally wrapped her around her little paw.
You can watch the evidence here:

So Paula and I started talking.
She showed me photos of her own dog, I told her I’m a dog photographer and she excitedly suggested we do an exhibition at her restaurant that shows photos of rescue dogs looking for a home.
Equally excited I said yes and that was the start of it all…

However, I fairly quickly realised, there were many dogs in the shelters that I couldn’t help.
They were scared of strangers and strange things (like cameras).
With a deadline looming I simply didn’t have the time to suck up to them and gain their trust 😢.

And so the idea was born, to do this shelter-dog-photography-thing long term.
That way I can also help all the gorgeous dogs, that I couldn’t feature in the La Mujer de Verde exhibition.

why adopt a dog from Mallorca

Quite frankly, I don’t really mind where you adopt your dog from (as long as you #adoptdontshop 😉).

Every shelter dog – whether they are from Spain, Romania, Greece, the Ukraine or Germany – deserves a home where they are loved and cared for.

However, the situation for shelter dogs in Eastern and Southern Europe is a lot more dire.

Here in Mallorca for example, people get rid of their dogs at local shelters called perreras.

The dogs then lead a sorry existence in a bare kennel – no beds, no toys, no love.

They either stay there for a long time or are being killed once the perrera is full.

The only chance they have is to be rescued by local dog lovers and privately owned rescues.

With the help of these private shelters many dogs find a loving home that they so deserve.

But despite all of the efforts of the private shelter volunteers, some dogs are just unlucky and are waiting months and years for a family to adopt and love them.

These are the dogs that we’re helping with this project.

what we're doing

We’re on a mission to help Mallorca’s overlooked rescue dogs find a forever home.
The REHOMIES have been waiting in the shelters for at least 3 months, many of them for much longer.

Why can’t they find a home?
The vast majority simply had the bad fortune of being bought by the wrong humans.
Humans that didn’t take them to the vet so the dogs now have health problems.
Humans that didn’t socialise them as puppies so the dogs now either don’t get on with other dogs or are scared of the world.
Humans that wanted a younger dog so they got rid of their old one.

Humans that don’t need them any longer for hunting so they leave the dogs somewhere in a field or forest.

Also, these dogs are not the small, young, fluffy ones that everyone wants.

But we know, that for one special family they will be perfect 🥰.

And so, since the dogs can’t just pack their bags and go find their very special people themselves, we’ve decided to toot their horns for them.
We’re getting them the PR they need, so their forever families can find them 😃.

Wanna help? 

Here’s what you can do…


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