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Feliz Animal in Andratx, Mallorca


Helga Henrichs
Phone: ‭0034 676 366 814
Email: info@felizanimal.com


7 years old


Shar Pei Mix


no health problems
Leishmaniasis negativ

Needs working on

nothing, I’m perfect 😄

Good with

young kids (temporarily)

older kids

female dogs

male dogs


Ideal home

even though I’m ok with kids I’d love to live in a quiet home and would be a very trusty buddy to a single person

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I woke up one day and suddenly I was single and my relationship had ended!
But then again it was a very one sided relationship (I loved them but they didn’t love me back), so I guess it’s a good thing…
I was found on the streets and then taken to the perrera (public shelter) in a proper police car.
How cool am I 😎?!?!

But I have to admit life at the perrera wasn’t fun and I was very grateful when the lovely people from the private shelter came to pick me up.

Now I live here at Feliz Animal and really enjoy my life.

However, slowly but surely I feel I’m ready to take a leap of faith and find my forever love.

I’m really into working out. I love to run and play and be free.
So if this sounds like a fun way to spend your free time, get in touch!
As I said, I’m no couch potato but I absolutely love snuggles and cuddles.
And I love giving gifts.
Every time the lovely carers here at the rescue enter my kennel, I bring them a little token of my appreciation (you would call it a toy though). 🧸🥰
I’m very curious and love to get to know new people!
Maybe I will be a bit shy to start with but as we bond, my true fun personality will shine through.

I’ve been told that I’m very intelligent and teachable but it’s probably a good idea to reinforce the basics with me. 😇

I love other dogs and also cats – after all, you can never have too many friends, right 😍?
Small kids are cute and fun when visiting but on a daily basis I’d rather not look after them…
The ones that are bigger and calmer are more my thing.
So if you’re looking for a calm and sweet guy to spend your days with, please get in touch with Helga!
I’m sure that we’d have lots of fun together!

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