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Ajucan in Sant Llorenç near Manacor


Verena Kosel
Mobile: 00491774637967
Email: ajucan@hotmail.es


4 years old


German Shepherd


no known health issues
Leishmaniasis negativ

Needs working on

I choose my dog pals carefully
and I can jump a fence

Good with

young kids

older kids

female dogs

if I like them

male dogs

if I like them


not tested

Ideal home

I would like to live with an active family with older kids who are into agility or other dog sports and I need a really well fenced garden

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Inquisitive, clever and trainable! No no, I’m not tooting my own horn here… this is how I’ve been described before! 😉

I love being active, so if you love playing, running, hiking etc, then I’m your gal! 

A personal favourite is training. I love to learn new things and please my people!
Nothing is better than after a day of physical and mental exercise, settling down into my cosy bed and nodding off. Sounds like bliss, doesn’t it?
I’m not very shy around humans, actually I think I’m quite attentive. I love the company and obviously the cuddles don’t hurt either 🥰.
I like some, but not all doggos. I have to admit that they tend to be males.
I love to run and the freedom to partake in some zoomies safely is a must for me. I’m an ace at parkour and can jump a fence, so a well-fenced garden is a must.

I prefer older kids over younger kids, they’re usually more chilled out and can play with me and help to train me the way that I like.

So, if you’re active and ready for adventure then please reach out.

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