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Ajucan in Sant Llorenç near Manacor


Verena Kosel
Mobile: 00491774637967
Email: ajucan@hotmail.es


6 years old


German Shepherd


no known health issues
Leishmaniasis negativ

Needs working on

I choose my dog pals carefully

Good with

young kids

older kids

female dogs

if I like them

male dogs

if I like them


Ideal home

I’m a calm dog and I don’t  need a lot of action.
I can live in an apartment and I loooooove to cuddle.

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I woke up one day and suddenly I was single and my relationship had ended 😞! 

But then again it was a very one sided relationship (I loved them but they didn’t love me back), so I guess it’s a good thing…

I’ve been told that im an empathetic guy. I think thats a good thing, right?

I have a small circle of doggo friends.

I’m one of those doggos that thinks it’s better to have less friends who are more special, than more friends who are less special.

What can I say? I like who I like!

I love learning new tricks and I love to please. Don’t forget the treats 😉.
I await that special person who can join me for long walks, I love them so much!
I hate to fit into a stereotype, but I’m not a huge fan of cats! So it’s probably best if I don’t live with one.

One thing you should know about me is that I don’t really like water, especially if you spray me with a hose. Now, I’m fairly sure I wont melt under the water, but why take that risk? 😊

We should also have an open conversation about kids!

Older kids are great, less responsibility, you know?

Younger kids are more like hard work so I’d prefer not to live with them.

So if you’re like minded and think we’d hit it off, don’t be scared to get in touch!

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