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Lisa Hezinger
Mobile: 0049 163 605 36 22
Email: info@petangel.de


14 years old


Dachshund mix


in good health
Leishmaniasis negativ

Needs working on

snaps occasionally if she doesn’t like something

Good with

young kids

older kids

female dogs

if she likes them

male dogs

if she likes them


Ideal home

a family who’s experienced with dogs and has a home on the ground floor with a garden, in a rural area rather than in the city

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We are Xaia and Simon – we are mother and son and we were surrendered by our owner to the perrera in Lluchmayor as we both would have incurred vet fees.

We are dachshund mixes and that’s noticeable in our character, as we both have good self-confidence. 

Simon loves playing with the ball and being active.

Mum Xaia likes to be a bit more relaxed, but we both look forward to going for a walk.
We love to be petted and to sit in the sun with our humans.
Despite our age we are not couch patatoes, so our humans should enjoy spending time with us.
Children in the household should be a little older and just like the people we want, experienced with dogs.
We would like a home on the ground floor with a garden, in a rural area rather than in the city.
Of course we would like to stay together and therefore we are looking for someone who will give us both a home for life.
We have been living with our foster mum since the summer of 2021.

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