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SOS Animal in Calvià


Anke Schürmann
Phone: ‭0034 670 022 963
Email: info@sos-animal-mallorca.org


6 years old


Mastin Mix


in good health
Leishmaniasis negativ

Needs working on

I don’t like every dog so would be best as an only dog

Good with

young kids

older kids

female dogs

if I like them

male dogs

if I like them


Ideal home

I also overheard a person saying “I can somehow imagine Bongo very well on a finca – with a lovely elderly couple. The two of them sit comfortably on their terrace in the sun and Bongo lies very relaxed next to them”. 
And that’s how I indeed could imagine it as well 🥰.

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I have to be honest, it took me a while to get over my previous relationship, he broke my heart.

And because of that, it can take me a little bit of time to warm up to new people.

However, I want to get myself back out there and love again so please don’t be put off, because when I know you, I’ll love you!
I’m a chilled guy. I enjoy lazing around, quiet nights in and of course lots of affection.
I really enjoy nature so it would be lovely if my future companion had a garden. I would be in my element bird watching and doing some sun bathing.
Just so you know, I’d like to be the only doggo in your life. What can I say? I don’t want to share you!
The cool people here at the shelter tell me that I’m a really lovely boy. And I know that if you chose me, I’d be the most loyal and reliable boyo.
Now, there’s one thing you should know…cats are the Lex Luther to my Superman! So please save me the work and don’t take me home if you have one (cause even Superman needs to retire in peace).
I also overheard some people saying that they could see me living on a finca with an elderly couple, relaxing in the sunshine together. This sounds like a dream to me! What a life that would be..!

If you think you’d like to make my dream become a reality, then please get in touch!

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