Plump ball junkie seeks partner for country walks, games of fetch and cuddle sessions.


Attractive goofball, part of a duo, is looking for a home that can offer fun and treats.


Fun-loving youngster seeks fun-loving home together with his fun-loving brother Rocky.


Astrophysics anyone?
Highly intelligent athlete is looking for a life partner with a lot of time for leisure activities.
Agility basics have been acquired.


Female, single, medium young (6), nature loving and still a bit reserved, looking for loving, patient partner for life with whom she can blossom again.
Large supply of treats should be available.


I’m super old, super happy and super fit and I’m looking for a quiet (but not too quiet) retirement home in Mallorca.


I’m a relaxed boy. I occasionally want to play fetch and often want to cuddle – preferably with a sprightly pensioner (couple) 😉.


Xaia is looking for a home with her son Simon. They are quite independent from each other during the day. But at night, they tuck each other into bed 🛌 so we can’t bear to separate them 🥰.